Can data from assessments, manager feedback and performance metrics be integrated in a single report to enable decision making within an organization? Read on to see how Jombay partnered with some of the largest private sector companies to integrate these data points & enable talent management initiatives.

Increasingly we have been getting requests from our clients to support them in identifying talent development needs & enable talent segmentation by considering not just behavioral competencies but also capturing organization specific data points. 

One particular client wanted us to identify development needs and enable learner segmentation of their first line supervisors across 7 divisions to categorize them into 3 cohorts and assign them to a relevant development program. For this initiative, they wanted to keep in mind a combination of assessment insights, manager feedback and business related data points.

In order to achieve this, we deployed Jombay’s Assessment Platform to:

> Run a Virtual Assessment Center to measure role readiness. This was designed on Managerial and Sales Competencies and included a Personality Assessment and Situational Judgment Test. 

> Run Functional Assessments to measure functional competencies.

> Deploy a Multi-Rater Survey to capture managerial feedback

> Process Internal Data Points on business performance of each manager. These were received from the client and uploaded on Jombay’s Assessment Platform.

> Generate Reports based on a weighted score assigned to each of these dimensions (Assessments, Feedback and Internal Business Metrics)

An exercise summary report and stack ranking report were created to give the client a view of the competency wise trends and show correlation between business data and competencies identified for role readiness. Individual reports were used to enable learner segmentation into 3 categories and run development interventions suitable to each.

Do reach out if you too would like to run an Assessment & Development center relevant to your context! You can pick a convenient time slot from the calendar here.

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