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Assessment Aggregation & Automation

Cuts down the admin effort & report writing effort
involved in running multiple assessments together.

Our Platform

Standardizes Assessment Process

yet allows customization to an organization’s competency framework.

Integrates Tools

by letting you deliver any combination of assessments & simulations from one source.

Optimizes Assessor Experience

by enabling personalisation in reports at scale.

Aggregates Scores into a Single Report

(across autoscored & assessor led tools) to reduce report writing effort. 

Secure & Reliable


Ready to integrate with

customer’s existing tools/platforms/job boards/HRIS/ATS/TRM


A platform is an online portal that lets you deliver more than just one assessment tool and triggers multiple tools from one source.

A platform gives you the capability to deal with volumes. It also makes reporting easy by automatically aggregating scores from different assessment tools into one single report.

Success Stories

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