Read on to see how early success, high engagement, clear insights and an immersive assessment-development experience contributed to making Jombay’s leadership development program for Theorem’s Senior Leaders a recurring, annual exercise.

Theorem is a global leader in digital marketing services & solutions. Leadership Development & upskilling has been a priority for their global leadership team. Over the past year, we’ve successfully deployed a Leadership Development Program which will go hand in hand with a technical upskilling program for Senior Leaders.

Jombay deployed a blended Leadership Development Program called “Leadership Bootcamp” for Theorem’s Senior Leaders, across 3 levels. Here are some details

  • Pre-Program Virtual Assessments to help the client and participants understand where they stood on competencies identified as being critical for success in their roles. A combination of a Personality Assessment and a Behavioral Assessment (ACU-13 Assessment/RAPID Learning Inventory/PAVE Leadership Survey – contextual to the experience level) were deployed. Individual reports and an exercise summary report were then shared to deliver clear insights and identify the capability building program.
  • Immersive Development Program to drive innovation and enable future readiness. This focussed learning journey included a series of Master Classes and MBO (Management by Objective) linked Group Coaching on the identified competencies. We saw high engagement and participants were able to tie the learning back to their on-ground work objectives.

  • Post-Program Assessments will be deployed after the development journey, to close the loop and get a pulse of the transformation.

We have been thrilled with the partnership, success and adoption of this end to end talent intervention and look forward to deploying it annually for Senior Leaders at Theorem.

Do reach out if you too would like to run an Assessment-Development Center or Managerial Capability Programs relevant to your context! You can pick a convenient time slot from the calendar here.

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