Having a great leader isn’t enough. It’s just as important to have a backup for that leader:) Succession Planning is one of those things that stays on the backburner when things are going well and is rushed into when things start going downhill. In fact, building a talent pipeline is just as important in the “good times” so that organizations are able to address the inevitable changes that occur when individuals resign, retire, are let go, or go on a leave of absence.  

Jombay’s comprehensive succession planning methodology gauges individuals on 3 impact areas:

  • Potential – A combination of preferences and learned behaviors (relevant to the role and the organization) that are used as part of the assessment-development center.
  • Performance – Talent Performance score is obtained from already existing performance management systems that indicate an individual’s contribution to the business.
  • Perception – This is measured with the help of Jombay’s 360 degree feedback platform to evaluate successors on the client’s competency framework or Jombay’s standard model.

Here are some organizations where we were able to create clear impact in their succession planning:

Creating a solid internal talent pipeline across experience levels at SBI Cards –  SBI Cards (a 24 year old Indian credit card company) runs an annual exercise to identify and assess people across three levels in order to build a strong internal talent pipeline. Jombay deployed a fully Virtual Assessment Center that ensured an unbiased, scientifically valid and objective view of the talent for the purpose of identifying next-level readiness and a thought-out succession plan.

Succession Planning for critical Sales Leadership roles at PhonePe – PhonePe (an Indian digital payments & fintech company), wanted a scientific way to assess and identify those Sales Managers and Senior Sales Managers who could move to a newly created Sales-State Head role. PhonePe internally defined what competencies would matter most to a person occupying the State Head Sales role & Jombay deployed a Hybrid Assessment Center to assess individuals on these competencies in order to inform critical decisions for succession planning

Developing Front Line & Second Line Sales Leaders at GSK – GSK (a multinational pharma company) wanted to ensure a strong internal talent pipeline and development of Front and Second Line Sales Leaders. Jombay deployed a Hybrid Assessment Center for GSK sales leaders in Turkey, Argentina, Thailand and a few other countries. To align with GSK’s global talent practices, the Hybrid Assessment Center was built on organization specific competencies, maintained parity in assessment tool experience and gave GSK benchmarked insights to enable their internal succession planning. 

Gauging potential for Senior Roles at Mahindra First Choice – Mahindra First Choice (India’s leading used-automobile platform) wanted to assess middle managers to gauge potential for senior roles. Jombay deployed a Hybrid Assessment Center that highlighted the potential of the participants on next-level readiness & informed succession planning!

Do reach out if you too would like to run a Succession Planning exercise relevant to your context! 

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