“The candidate seemed really sharp, but seemed to have very strong opinions! Almost like he owned our business himself!” – An observation from one of our interviewers as they assessed a new candidate.

I sensed that he was ready to discard that candidate. But this frank POV (point of view) had piqued my interest. “You’ll be lucky to hire someone who is already THIS invested in us” – I told him. Far from being “opinionated”, this person seemed to imbibe an entrepreneurial zeal!

Many organizations are not looking for just an “employee”. They are looking for a team member; for an entrepreneurial mind. And “entrepreneurship” is no longer just related to running or working in a start-up!

Many of today’s high performing managers and leaders are all entrepreneurs in their own right. Entrepreneurial acumen has emerged as a mindset that most successful managers and leaders imbibe. To stay relevant to this modern world of work, assessments also need to catch up. We have been cognizant of this for several years, and one of the point assessments we added to our suite of assessments (to measure such new-order elements such as entrepreneurial acumen) was the ACU-13 Assessment.

Here are some details:

ACU-13 ASSESSMENT explores entrepreneurial acumen by tapping into the person’s ability to innovate, think strategically, and plan effectively. Its report provides a view on 3 salient clusters: Vision, Innovation & Action, across 13 underlying dimensions. 

The Assessment is inspired by theories of entrepreneurship and business acumen by eminent psychologists David McClelland, Frederick Frese and Joseph Schumpeter. It aids personality assessment instruments in measuring elements relevant to this new world! By measuring dimensions needed to plan for the future, manage risks, learn from failure, think creatively and identify opportunities, Acu-13 truly powers your talent decisions and enables an agile workforce.

Do reach out if you would like to explore ACU-13 (or take a trial) or our suite of other assessment tools for your talent interventions – from assessment to development

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