“Sir, did you enjoy ?” For the last 24 months, my trainer must have asked me after every work-out session.

Once, I told him, I have to admit – I don’t enjoy the pain and the hard work – but I DO want the reward. So although I don’t really “enjoy” it, I endure it willingly!” 

That conversation reminded me about the work we had to put in to clear the due diligence by our first investors in Jombay. The market sizing, 3-year, 5-year, 7-year business plans, the go-to-market strategy, the domestic and international possibilities, etc. It almost felt like a never-ending process, especially the first time.

But it set the stage. It set a thought process! And drilled in the fact that there is no shortcut there. We did not enjoy it, but the end was worth enduring all the pain of the hard work. Today, we do it willingly!

Very often, there is a conception that the “modern” workers look to “hustle” their way out of things. From promotions to rewards – there is often an expectation that each of these can be achieved through a shortcut.

The writing is on the wall – there is no easy way to achievements – only hard work and lots of it 🙂 So whether you enjoy it or endure it – usually the only way to get to the end of something is right THROUGH it!

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