The work-from-home, no-maids and closed restaurants situation has led to a splurge of DIY recipe kits curated by chefs. Having used it, and followed the recipe to the fullest, I have concluded that the taste of the food is pretty good after all. Someone asked me the other day, “Does it taste the way a chef would make it?”. Well, if you follow the recipe to the T, yes the dish pretty much tastes the same! In fact, it’s much better to cook and bake at home vs. getting it delivered from a restaurant, when some of the stuff gets cold or soggy by the time it reaches you.

Bottom line being, even if the means change but methodology stays close to the original, one will end up getting almost the same results. And in some cases even better outcomes!

In current times, there is a similar dilemma around changing formats of assessment centers. One of the most common questions for companies wanting to transform their assessment center practices is – should we go for a Blended or a fully Virtual experience? Which is better? Which is more accurate? 

Before answering the question, we of course first work with our clients to understand their audience and their objectives. But most times, our answer boils down to this – Blended or Virtual, both deliver results if you follow the “recipe” or the guidelines! Having built and run Virtual Assessment Centers for over a decade now, I can assure you that accuracy is no longer a concern – both deliver! 

It’s all about gauging the acceptance levels in your company’s environment. Would people accept a fully Virtual Assessment Center? If on the other hand, you feel a human assisted interview might gain better acceptance, you could opt for a blended assessment center – a mix of Simulations, Case studies and a Behavioral Event Interview. 

It’s about your audience and your competencies! And our platform can enable whichever assessment experience your teams are most comfortable with! Do you have an Assessment Center that you would like to take virtual?

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