“Everything you look for and all that you perceive has a way of proving whatever you already believe.” 

We live in an era where all the information that makes its way to us just seems to verify what we already know! Be it your insta feed, amazon recommendations or even your news app – we are often led closer to what we are already familiar with. 

What does that mean for how we make decisions at work? Are we truly aware of our biases? This ability to make sense of data in an objective manner has become even more important in this age where the information coming to us is curated to one’s preference. Several organizations now want to measure new-order skills such as Critical Attitudes & Balancing Biases as much as measuring innate personality traits.

That is why, we introduced the FIT (Fairness in Thinking) Assessment – a focussed instrument that helps you identify strong critical thinkers who would reason logically and make rational decisions, detaching themselves from biases and subjective opinions. 

Here are some details:
FiT (Fairness in Thinking) Assessment is an instrument designed to measure critical thinking attitudes and biases in judgment and decision making. The Assessment draws upon the work of eminent psychologists such as Peter Facione, Amos Tversky, and Daniel Kahneman. 

The survey measures 2 salient clusters of Critical Attitudes & Balancing Biases and their 11 underlying dimensions. 

Critical Attitudes > Attitudes that foster critical thinking and reasoning –
Open, Reflective, Malleable, Curious, Evaluative.
Balancing Biases > Uncovering one’s susceptibility to implicit biases in thinking and reasoning – Bandwagon, Confirmation, Distraction, Positivity, Commitment, Halo.

Do reach out if you would like to explore the FIT Assessment or our suite of other assessment tools for your talent interventions – from assessment to development! We can even enable a trial for the FIT Assessment so you can experience it first hand 🙂

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