“What’s New” is a question we get asked regularly when we meet our customers:) Our work with organizations across industries globally, ensures that our consultants have a strong pulse of the talent interventions companies are prioritising. 

I wanted to bring you a mix of success stories spanning different industries to show you some of the latest Assessment-Development Centers we have deployed to give you an idea of “what’s new”!

1> Axis Bank (The 3rd largest private sector bank in India) wanted to identify development needs and enable learner segmentation of their sales teams as part of the “Axis Certified Manager” intervention. Jombay deployed a Virtual Assessment Center, focussed on competencies such as Agility, Building Trust, Synergize to Outperform, Values Based Management, New Age Skills, Excellence Focus, Adherence to Business Systems & Processes, Retention & Productivity. 

The tool mix included the 27FORTE Personality Assessment, Situational Judgement Test, 90 Degree Feedback and AIDP (Axis Internal Data Points). Since the solution design was a combination of behavioral exercises, managerial feedback and internal business metrics, the final insights (in the form of Individual Reports and Group analytics) were generated based on a weighted score assigned to each of these 3 dimensions.

2> iCertis (A unicorn software company that specialises in contract management software) wanted to integrate a 360-degree/180-degree feedback to serve as an additional data-point in measuring the effectiveness of leaders across functions. 

Jombay deployed a Multi Rater Assessment, with custom competencies for both the 360 degree and 180 degree exercise. Some of these included; Leadership, Business Acumen and Stakeholder Management, Business Readiness, Building Relationships, Organizing and Prioritizing, Risk Management, Organizational Agility, Consultative Skills, Presentation Skills, Ownership and Accountability, Fairness, Openness, Respect and Teamwork. Using smart tech and our understanding of the talent advisory space, we were able to deliver modern experiences to the client and the candidates.

We delivered Individual Reports and Group Analytics to close the loop, and were thrilled to see an NPS of 10 from the client!

3> nThrive Global Solutions (A global company assists healthcare organizations with revenue cycle management solutions) wanted to identify high potential employees across teams in their organization for next-level readiness. They wanted a solution that was standardized, scientific and objective in nature and which captures feedback from relevant stakeholders in a quantifiable manner.

Jombay deployed a Hybrid Assessment Center that was conducted virtually with a combination of automated and assessor led tools including the 27Forte Personality Assessment, Situational Judgement Test, Abstract Thinking Assessment & Group Activity on Jombay’s Assessment Center technology platform. 

The Competencies included Team Management, Business Understanding, Execution Excellence, Analytical Ability & Effective Communication. Individual Reports and a Stack Rank Report were able to deliver insights to the client.

Do reach out if you would like to run an Assessment & Development center relevant to your context!

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