‘High-potential employees are not ‘the right people’ to fill current vacancies. They are the right people to meet the future needs of the organization.’

Identifying high-potential employees is not just about finding stars for today, but nurturing the leaders of tomorrow! Jombay’s High Potential Identification is the compass that guides organizations towards this future. Through a combination of assessment center exercises that evaluate a range of skills and competencies, we unearth the hidden gems within the workforce. 

Our Approach – The High Potential Identification Framework:
Jombay’s High Potential (HiPo) identification and development solutions are built upon a robust framework that enables organizations to pinpoint their future leaders with precision. It comprises and measures three critical pillars: Preference, Cognitive Flexibility, and Learned Behaviors.

Preference: This pillar delves deep into an individual’s personal inclinations and motivations. By understanding their preferences through the right assessment, we can identify their natural tendencies towards leadership roles and responsibilities. 

Cognitive Flexibility: Cognitive flexibility is the bedrock of adaptability and innovation. We assess an individual’s ability to navigate complexity, think critically, and adapt to changing circumstances.

Learned Behaviors: Leadership isn’t just about innate qualities; it’s also about learned behaviors and skills. To assess the Learned Behaviors, we deploy assessments based on Jombay’s suggested competencies or the client’s own competency framework. 

What Makes Us Different:

  • A scientific yet contextualized evaluation of leadership potential.
  • Our approach fosters inclusivity, transparency, and fairness in talent decisions.
  • Our process enhances managerial feedback, making it actionable for individual growth.

At Jombay, our approach goes beyond the mere identification of high-potential individuals; it is a holistic strategy dedicated to nurturing and cultivating them into capable leaders.

Do reach out if you too would like to run a High Potential Identification Exercise relevant to your context! 

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