My son and I were at yet another tennis tournament, this time in Mumbai. As we strolled along South Mumbai, past Cafe Leopold and quaint Colaba streets – I experienced a rare moment of nostalgia 🙂 Straight ahead of us was the iconic Taj Hotel and to its right lay Taj Hotel’s former corporate office. 

“I signed them up as one of our first and most prestigious customers, Kabir. This is the office where I first met them!” – I told my son proudly. As a young entrepreneur I remember visiting those corporate offices. It was a client that had seemed out of reach for us almost a decade ago.

“I have a good product. Although I don’t have too many customers yet – I will do good work for you.” – I had told Prashant Khullar (erstwhile at Taj Hotels/ IHCL). And somehow, he and his team at IHCL had taken a leap of faith and were one of the first to take a chance on us. 

At the time, IHCL wanted us to measure “Passion, Sensitivity and Giving” through an Assessment for their workforce. We worked well together and over the last decade, they have repeatedly found value in using our tools for many different use cases including Assessment & Development Centers! Today, they are still our customers:)

It’s funny how life takes a full circle. From having butterflies about our first client meeting with Taj, to being excited about watching my son play tennis just a few feet away!

Take a chance 🙂 You never know what you will discover.

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