Eaton is a multinational power management company. They wanted to initiate a culture of managerial development for People Managers at their production & manufacturing facilities. Jombay deployed a Development Center for Eaton’s Shift Supervisors to better their people management skills and enable better internal talent for next levels. Here are some details!

Custom Development Center – The Development Center was aligned to behaviors that were critical for success of a shift supervisor and were relevant to the organization. These included the ability to Think and Act Strategically, Build Organizational Capabilities, Get Results, Enable Digital Mindset, an Ethical & Learner Mindset.

Experiential Assessment Experience – We deployed a mix of the ACU13 Entrepreneurial Acumen Assessment & Assessor Led Interventions to ensure that the assessment experience was scientifically valid & immersive. External Assessors were involved to include a personalized element through interventions like a Case Study and Behavioral Event Interview.

Informed Decision Making – Individual Reports, Competency-wise Scores and an Exercise Summary Report provided deep insights, identified areas of development & highlighted the potential of the participants on next-level readiness.

Do reach out if you too would like to run an Assessment & Development center relevant to your context! 

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