Every month, Jombay  kickstarts leadership development journeys for a wide range of customers, but some of them stand out for me –

1) ASPIRE – Visa – High Potential Development Program

From powering an Assessment Center, a 360 degree, tripartite IDP creation, and then a learn-practice-teach journey including workshops and practice coaching with mentor involvement, this program is about developing HiPots to take up managerial roles. Look at some of the very impressive collateral created to explain the whole learn-practice-teach journey to each participant.

2) Productivity through Agility for a multinational conglomerate

Personally very excited by this learning journey initiated by the organization for their top 400 Talent Leaders. I find the topic to be extremely relevant to modern times. Kudos to their leadership team for thinking of this!

3) Sapphire Foods (Pizza Hut, KFC) – For Restaurant General Managers : Leading Self, Leading People, Leading Operations, Leading Business.

After a very engaging first batch of 70 RGMs, who demonstrated a significant change in their ability to do People Management, the team at Saffire foods and Jombay has extended the journey to 250 RGMs spread across the country, with a focus on leading self, leading people, leading operations and leading business for a period of 12 months.

Things that we take pride during these journeys are:

1) We help managers and leaders ‘practice’ leadership

2) We help them ‘learn while working’

3) We help them measure and connect ‘behavior’ (change) to business.

4) We take co-ownership of running the journey (from continuous adoption to effectiveness measurement)

If you want to design a leadership development journey (end-to-end) and are looking for equal partners in the same, do reach out 

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