It was in the middle of a crippling recession, 12 years ago. Markets didn’t believe that an Indian company could build assessment products and take on global legacy players. No one believed that technology could be a significant enabler in the assessment-development centers and development programs space. It was a time when being “digital first” wasn’t seen as an advantage 🙂 

“Tough Times create Strong People, Strong People create Easy Times

Easy Times create Weak People, Weak People create Tough Times” 

G. Michael Hopf

This week as Jombay turns 12 and we look back on the journey, I realize those tough times defined the very DNA of our being. Over the years, we became a voice to reckon with! We have become known for offering a balanced high tech and high touch approach for managerial capability building.

Post pandemic, the world is only seeing tougher times, presenting another opportunity to build strong people & stronger managers – especially for organizations who are investing in making the talent future-ready. We are excited to be playing a partner to our customers in this.

On that note, I would also like to announce we are bringing back our much loved HR40under40 Future HR Leader Certification. We will be launching it on October 1st. Here’s a link to more details – <www.hr40under40.com>. Not only does it include the Future HR Leader Certification and a chance to win the HR40under40 award, but we have made sure the program is fine tuned to today’s context.

This one is extra special as we launch it on our 12th Anniversary! Our service to capability building of talent continues 🙂 

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