“Managers pull organizations closer to their vision.” 

You read that right 🙂 Managers (not just Leaders) are now required to be visionaries! Not just being a visionary, but also having a pace-setting mindset, being enterprising and building relationships have become a non negotiable for successful managers in today’s time.

In fact, the core characteristics of a great manager have evolved over time, and particularly accelerated in the last few years. Today’s great managers prioritize and manage their work and teams differently and stand out for their unique approach to leadership. Most importantly, they see themselves as future leaders!

Organizations want to be able to identify these great managers and that is where we deploy the PAVE Leadership Survey – a focussed instrument that assesses an individual’s leadership approach by outlining four distinct realms of business expertise.

Here are some details:

The PAVE Leadership Survey is an instrument designed to understand an individual’s leadership approach by assessing aspects such as drive for achievement, ability to foster strong relationships, envisioning the big picture, and driving profitable endeavors

This tool draws inspiration from the Leadership Styles Theory presented by Daniel Goleman, a pioneer in the field of Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. 

The assessment taps into an individual’s approach toward leading their team by measuring 24 dimensions across 4 salient clusters, namely: 

Pacesetting >> Adherence to processes & Achievement-focus

Affiliative >> Nurturing relationships & Empowering team

Visionary >> Big-picture thinking & Innovation-mindset

Enterprising >> Solution-mindset & Driving profitability

Do reach out if you would like to explore the PAVE Leadership Survey or our suite of other assessment tools for your talent interventions – from assessment to development! We can even enable a trial for the PAVE Leadership Survey so you can experience it first hand 🙂

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