“A case should really be made for including an email writing section in an English class!”- a rant I heard recently. Even though many professionals (including managers) struggle with this simple & necessary skill, our formal education doesn’t include that yet 🙂 

With a sudden uproar in digital communication post pandemic, email writing has become even more important. A compelling email can be all that is needed to bridge the gap between confusion and clarity and the need to sharpen written communication skills is higher than ever.

HDFC Bank recognised this emerging need to upskill their workforce with communication skills relevant to the changing world. We combined our insightful content with unboring experiences to ensure that the impact was immersive & real.

Jombay designed a development program on “Email Writing Essentials” for 870+ learners across functions at HDFC Bank. It consisted of modules and assignments on our digital learning platform and case study platform. Learners embarked upon this journey (in multiple cohorts) towards crisp and impactful communication via Effective Email Writing. 

If you too are looking for partners in running Development Programs relevant to the new world at your organization, feel free to reach out and block the calendar <here> for a quick chat:)

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