“Good managers take care of tasks; great managers take care of their people.” 

In the evolving landscape of management, the distinction between good and exceptional managers often comes down to one crucial factor: the ability to transition from being task-centric to people-centric leadership. Good managers efficiently handle the day-to-day responsibilities, but great managers understand that their most valuable asset is their team. 

Our partnership with SMFG India (formerly Fullerton India), a fast growing player in the financial services sector, has been nothing short of a transformation. As a long-term strategic investor in emerging markets, SMFG is committed to building unique business models that serve the Mass Market and SME segments. It is deeply invested in fostering digital innovation and transformative excellence across its diverse portfolio.

The Business Context:
SMFG (formerly Fullerton) wanted to elevate their Branch and Regional Managers into great people managers. Jombay did a comprehensive analysis of their needs and tailored a development program encompassing three key themes: Leading Self, Leading People, and Leading Business. 

Here are some details of the journey:

> Audience: The 4 month long program was built for participants in the role of Branch Sales Managers at SMFG, operating across various geographies in India.

> Competencies: The development journey focused on nurturing competencies of “Leading Self,” “Leading People,” and “Leading Business” – to enable these Branch Sales Managers to be great People Managers.

> Project Scope: Jombay conducted a series of immersive Master Classes – both in-person and virtual for the participants. Self-Paced Digital Learning on Jombay’s iDev Plus app was used to complement the learning from the Master Classes. 

If you too are looking for partners to nurture and develop your managers, feel free to reach out for a quick chat:)

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