“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” 

How we respond to changing circumstances can either make or break us. And Organizations have discovered that the learning agile among us know exactly what to do in situations of uncertainty. And, perhaps most importantly, learning agile individuals are simply comfortable with being uncomfortable 🙂

It is no longer enough to measure an individual’s innate personality traits. It is becoming more and more critical to measure such new-order skills as Learning Agility, Propensity to Adapt, Drive for Results to thrive in those changes, and Appetite for Digital Innovation. 

That is why, we introduced the RAPID Learning Inventory – a focussed instrument that assesses an individual’s propensity to learn, adapt, unlearn and relearn. By measuring dimensions needed to conceptualize what is happening, anticipate future changes, and develop personal strategies, RAPID powers your talent decisions and enables a future-ready workforce. 

Here are some details:
RAPID LEARNING INVENTORY indicates one’s approach to learning and change by measuring aspects such as Agility, Propensity to Adapt, Drive for Results, and Appetite for Digital Innovation. 

It is based on an integrated model that borrows from the works of eminent psychologists De Meuse, K.P., & Feng, S., (Seven-factor Model of Learning Agility), and Lombardo and Eichinger (Conceptual Model of Learning Agility). 

The survey measures 20 dimensions across 5 salient clusters of agility:

Reflective >> Self-awareness & Self-reflection

Avid >> Navigating Change & Innovative Mindset

Prolific >> Result Orientation & Bias For Action

Immersive >> Collaboration & People Growth

Disruptive >> Multi Perspective Thinking & Data Mindset. 

Do reach out if you would like to explore the RAPID Learning Inventory (or take a trial) or our suite of other assessment tools for your talent interventions – from assessment to development! 

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