Every organization recognizes the importance of identifying high-potential employees, as the seeds of future success. It’s a process that demands precision and a keen eye. Read on to see how Jombay worked with Magicbricks to implement a holistic approach to High Potential Identification and development – with an end to end business context.

Magicbricks has been a trailblazer in connecting property buyers and sellers through its online platform. With a vision to continually innovate and stay ahead in a competitive market, they recognized the need to identify and nurture high-potential talent. This decision stemmed from their commitment to not only sustain their industry leadership but also to foster a culture of leadership development within their organization. They partnered with Jombay to embark on an end to end 9 month long transformative development journey for their middle managers across functions. Here are some details – :

> Organization Specific Context – The program was built to assess and develop behaviors necessary for Middle Managers and relevant to the organizational context at Magicbricks. These included competencies such as Business Excellence, People Excellence & Execution Excellence.

> Diagnostics for Development – Assessments were deployed to be able to identify where participants stand on the identified competencies. It also gave important insight into each individual’s areas of development and strength. This became important when building the development intervention. A mix of tools were used ranging from ACU 13 Assessment, Inbox (Day in Life) to a Simulation & Behavioral Interview.

> Master Classes – Jombay conducted a series of immersive Master Classes – both in-person and virtual for the participants.

> Self-Paced Digital Learning on Jombay’s iDev Plus app was used to complement the learning in the Master Classes.

> Group Coaching – 8 Group Coaching sessions and 4 trainer check-ins were arranged for participants during the course of their program. These were contextualized to the development needs of the individuals.

> Reports Detailed insights/reports were provided through a Stack Rank, Individual Reports & Group Analytics. We were thrilled to receive an NPS of 9 from the client!

If you too are looking for partners to identify and nurture your High Potential talent, feel free to reach out for a quick chat 🙂

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