Have you ever wondered what sets exceptional managers apart from the rest? 


Nexus Mall, a dynamic player in the retail industry, recognized the significance of nurturing top-tier talent within its organization. To ensure a steady stream of managers & leaders capable of steering the company toward future success, they wanted to embark on a structured Succession Planning program. Jombay designed an Assessment Center Exercise to scientifically validate Middle Managers at two distinct proficiency levels within Nexus Mall.

Competencies & Tool Mix:

Competencies relevant to the role and organization were assessed. These included : Result Orientation, Creativity & Driving Innovation, Business Acumen, Building & Fostering Relationships, Communication, Managing & Developing People. The tool mix consisted of a mix of auto-scored and assessor led tools including: 27 Forte Personality Assessment , Critical Thinking, Simulations, Experience Interview & a Behavioral Event Interview.

Reports and Insights:

We provided Nexus Mall with a rich set of reports and insights, including Stack Ranking, Individual Reports, and Group Analytics. These detailed assessments allowed the organization to make informed decisions about succession planning and talent development.

Feedback and Impact:

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 9! 

Our partnership with Nexus Mall exemplified the power of a structured Succession Planning program in identifying & nurturing managerial excellence. Through comprehensive assessments and a deep understanding of competencies, we have equipped Nexus Mall with the insights needed to make strategic talent decisions.

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