Titan is an Indian company (and a part of the TATA group) that manufactures watches & eyewear. Titan runs a Sales Excellence Program (SEP) annually to identify high-potential First Time Managers in the sales team. 

The program runs as a 3 phase intervention. A first phase shortlisting was done by Titan based on a personality assessment. For the second phase, Titan wanted to validate, assess and further shortlist the candidates (who would then move to Phase 3). Jombay deployed an Assessment Center with Assessor-led Interventions for a cohort of 265 First Time Managers & ensured a standardized human context. Here are some details:

Custom Assessment Center – The Assessment Center was aligned to behaviors that were critical for success, relevant to the role and to the organization. These included Builds Effective Teams, Delivers Results, Is Innately Curious & Customer Centricity.

High Touch Assessment Experience – External Assessors (from Jombay’s pool of empanelled assessors) were involved in face to face assessor led interventions across 6 cities. These included interventions like a Case Study and Role Play.

Standardized Ratings – Assessors used Jombay’s Assessor Dashboard to insert scores and add their comments for each candidate. A standardized scoring scale, BARS and descriptors ensured that there was standardization in rating.

Informed Decision Making – An Exercise Summary Report highlighted the potential of the candidates on next-level readiness & identified top performers who then moved to Phase 3.


Do reach out if you too would like to run an Assessment & Development center relevant to your context! 

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