“The true mark of a leader is not only how they make tough decisions, but also how they navigate the dilemmas that shape those choices.” 

In the ever-changing world of leadership, one thing remains constant – the need to navigate dilemmas with the right approach. Leadership decisions can have profound impact on both the organization and the lives of the people one leads. One of the most transformative leadership development programs we run for clients – “Navigating Dilemmas of a Leader” deep dives into tackling the challenges of a leader! It paves the way for tailored competency enhancement and growth – all while uncovering the right approach.

Here are some highlights that the program covers – 

Setting the Direction:

  • The Dilemma of Innovators: Balancing autonomy and risk in innovation.
  • The Dilemma of the Decision Maker: Equipping the next layer of leadership for agile decision-making.

Unleashing the Potential:

  • The Dilemma of The Accountable: Balancing accountability for oneself and one’s teams.
  • The Dilemma of People Leaders: Knowing when to lead from the front and when from behind.

Leading Core:

  • Recognizing one’s role as the backbone of the company.
  • Identifying key factors for self and company growth.

Leading Crew:

  • Addressing bottlenecks to accountability.
  • Motivating and marshaling teams.

Leading Company

  • Acting as the bridge between strategy and execution.
  • Leveraging pragmatic innovation principles for success.

What makes us unique:

  • We tailor our solutions to align with your organization’s context.
  • Inputs from assessment centers and discussions with HR, L&D, and participants inform our program design.
  • Value-added interventions like 1:1 coaching, shark tank, and hackathons further enhance the learning experience.

The “Navigating Dilemmas of a Leader” Program spans 6 months, featuring a pre-survey, classroom sessions, digital learning, trainer check-ins, and a post-survey. It is designed as a holistic journey that empowers leaders to enhance their leadership skills, make effective decisions, and navigate dilemmas confidently.

If our “Navigating Dilemmas of a Leader” Program (or any of our Managerial or Leadership Development Programs) interests you, do reach out for a quick chat 🙂

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