“How do you think you performed in the Role Play?” asked the Sales trainer before debriefing one of our newly joined Sales guys on his performance in the Sales Training. The Sales guy said, “It was superb. I was confident, I was well dressed, I made good eye contact, my body language was good and I used all the influencing techniques.”

When nudged to describe his product knowledge (which was clearly ‘below average’ despite multiple training sessions), he said he was ‘decent’. He further added, “but beyond a point the client doesn’t expect me to have product knowledge, my overall confidence should get me through”. Some of us were stunned to hear this! My annoyed Sales Head told him, “People are buying the product and not your flamboyance. If you don’t know the product well, nothing else matters!”.

More and more, I am realizing that the sales professionals of the current generation are overly focused on their body language and influencing techniques, and ignore the product knowledge because that’s the boring part.

We realized that as our Sales team is expanding rapidly and as our product line keeps evolving, one-time product trainings are not going to be enough. Knowledge retention is too low, and people tend to forget most of what they learnt within a month. We needed post-training reinforcement, something which is continuous and on-demand. We decided to get our Mobile engineers to build a quiz-based Sales Enablement Mobile App, which is simple and has the following features:

  1. Short gamified daily quizzes (7 questions a day, and you earn points, rankings based on the correct answers)
  2. Points based Rewards & Recognition
  3. Quick reference Cheat sheet for each of our products – Psychometric, 360, Virtual Assessment Center
  4. Ability for the Sales guys (FOS) to ask questions to the Sales Manager or Trainer or the larger group anonymously (so that they don’t have the fear of looking stupid!)
  5. Notifications and updates for industry news, competitive advantage, product updates, videos and ppts etc.

This has shown encouraging results so far. We hope they continue to learn and have fun.

Do you see similar problems with the product knowledge or product training of your Sales guys? And if I may ask out of curiosity – if you were in my place, what features would you build in the Mobile App to train your Salespeople?

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