I was reading about Susan Wojcicki, the one who rented out her garage to Larry Page & Sergey Brin when they were setting up Google. Larry and Sergey convinced her to join as Employee No.18 and their first marketing manager, when she was four months pregnant. Called the “Mom at Google”, Susan was the first in the team to have a baby, and her “family first” philosophy led to Google topping the ‘Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For’ list.

Susan also came up with the idea of Adsense, which grew to become 97% of Google’s revenue. She was awarded “The most important person in advertising” and “The most powerful woman on the Internet” by TIME in 2015. In February 2014, Susan became the CEO of Youtube, and today she is worth $300 million. Susan raised 5 kids – all while growing Google!

There are many such unsung heroes – men and women both, who aren’t much written about. They are too busy getting work done behind the scenes! To celebrate them, I am sharing a quick look-up that Jombay did in partnership with a leading business daily on Women CXOs (who are not the founders and hardly get written about) startup ecosystem. Of the 200 funded start-ups in the last two years,

  1. 51% start-ups have women at senior management level (either VP, Director or CXO)
  • 24% lead HR
  • 17% lead Sales/BD
  • 15% lead Marketing
  • 11% lead Operations
  • 7% lead Finance
  1. Most Gender Diverse start-ups from a leadership perspective (having at least 4 women in senior management) – Zomato, InMobi, Myntra, Jombay, Policy Bazaar, Buttercups
  2. 20% of start-ups have women as founders or co-founders.

A definite leap for gender parity if there ever was one:)

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