2 Monks were crossing a stream as they travelled through a forest. On seeing a woman who was unable to make the crossing by herself, one of the monks carried her across the water. The other monk did not seem happy. After walking for some time, the kind monk asked him what the matter was. “You are a monk – you can’t carry a woman!” said the other monk. To which the kind monk replied “I am not carrying the woman anymore, then why are you?!

What a simple way to explain that sometimes one should just “let it go”! Carrying angry baggage forward is just a waste that hinders real progress. And hence this story I thought may just be what we all need to hear today!

Today is a day of new beginnings. It gives us all a chance to redefine how we lead and how we are led. Leaders, with the right intent, should enable us to shed our baggage and be the unifying force that will help us all move forward! 

Here’s to a new beginning, and a hope for a baggage free world! 

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