How can organizations introduce a culture of leadership development & transformation?  Read on to see how Jombay worked with SPECTRA to implement a holistic approach to leadership transformation – from diagnostics to development.

Spectra is India’s fastest growing Internet service provider. They wanted to introduce a culture of leadership development in their organization. Jombay deployed a holistic development intervention for Spectra’s Senior Managers across functions. Here are some details of the LEADS (Leadership Exploration and Development) Program that we built:

> Organization Specific Context – The leadership development program was built to assess and develop behaviors necessary for Senior Managers and relevant to the organizational context at Spectra. These included – Organizational Alignment, Achievement Focus, Strategic Thinking, Creativity & Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

> Diagnostics for Development – Pre-Program Assessments were deployed to be able to identify where participants stand on the identified competencies. It also gave important insight into each individual’s areas of development and strength. This became important when building the development intervention

> Master Classes – Jombay conducted a series of 5 Virtual Master Classes for participants. Pleased to report that 96% of the participants like the content and found it useful!

> Self-Paced Digital Learning on Jombay’s iDev Plus app was used to complement the learning in the Master Classes.

> Group Coaching – 2 Group Coaching sessions were arranged for participants during the course of their program. These were contextualized to the development needs of the individuals. This was achieved by splitting the cohort into 3 and curating the Group Coaching to each group’s needs and proficiency. 

> Pre and Post Surveys provided an opportunity for self-reflection & participants were able to identify and document behavior shifts in themselves.

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