“More Meaning. More Responsibilities. More Self Assurance & More Growth” – Just some things about being in your thirties haven’t changed in decades 🙂

This is the decade when people are getting comfortable in the corporate world and more confident in their own choices. When they are being rewarded for taking on responsibility, by being given more responsibility 🙂 When they are learning that people skills are as important as technical skills when moving onto becoming leaders.

For organizations, it is also a great time to find, support and hone exceptional young leaders. Those that may in time become your future leadership team! Jombay runs Young Leader Development Programs that identify and hone the next generation of young leaders in a way that helps them to unveil their true potential!

It centers around 4 mindsets that provide a holistic view of an individual, including Personal Focus, People Focus, Performance Focus & Business Focus. Here are some details of this phased YOUNG LEADERS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM:

> Phased Assessment Center to filter participants: This includes phase wise roll out of Cognitive Assessments, Simulations & an Assessor Led Intervention.

> Development Journey for the shortlisted participants. This includes Experiential Master Classes & Self-paced Digital Learning on 4 mindsets(including Personal Focus, People Focus, Performance Focus & Business Focus). We also introduce a blend of engaging methods like Improv theater, ALP (Action Learning Project) based teach back sessions, Group Coaching and more that lay emphasis on assimilating and applying learning.

> Access to Internal Mentoring for final shortlist. A business case presentation exercise with internal assessors is run for the final shortlist of participants. This allows us to add a high touch, human element for evaluation. 

We have run this program for many of our customers (e.g. Kotak Mahindra Bank, Schneider Electric, Allstate, Infosys BPM etc.) where the organization benefited from this scalable approach to unveiling the true potential of their young talent!

If you too are looking for partners in running Young Leader Development Programs (or Managerial Development Programs) feel free to reach out  for a quick chat:)

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