Have you ever wondered how to build a workforce that’s not just resilient but thrives in the face of challenges?

Today’s managers and leaders need to develop resilience, engage in critical conversations, & elevate decision-making through the lens of critical thinking. A journey of fostering managerial and leadership excellence in every dimension!

Jombay runs development programs for organizations to hone and build this very resilience for their managers. Here are some details –

> Competencies:
Resilient managers and leaders need to build emotional intelligence, leadership potential, and the ability to adapt and thrive, even in uncertain times. Competencies like Succeeding Through Change, Building and Sustaining Trust, & Developing Resilience are nurtured through this program.

> Our Development Journey Approach:

Jombay’s approach to honing managerial and leadership resilience involves a blend of Master Classes and a Self Paced Digital Learning Journey – strategically curated to build the identified competencies. Each master class is crafted to ensure relevance, engagement, and immediate applicability in the dynamic context of an organization.

> Immersive Learning:
The conventional methods of honing skills are no longer sufficient. We introduce a blend of engaging methods like Improv theater, ALP (Action Learning Project) based teach back sessions, Group Coaching and more that lay emphasis on assimilating and applying learning. Other immersive methods of facilitation like Individual & Group Activities, Case Studies & Simulations, Cinema-based & Video Learning, Book Excerpts, Role Plays, Quizzing & Polling, Puzzles & Games are also built into the program journey.

We have run this program for many of our customers where the organization benefited from this scalable approach to building resilient managers and leaders!

To learn more about our Managerial Development Programs, please feel free to reach out for a quick chat 🙂 Let us join forces to unlock the full potential of your workforce and drive remarkable results.

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