• Fedfina – An in-depth online and assessor led assessment center methodology was deployed to identify high potential talent for Leadership levels. The tool mix included Pearson’s SOSIE Personality Assessment, Leadership Deep Dive Interviews (LDDI), ManageNxt Simulation and the Critical Thinking Assessment.
  • Mahindra First Choice – An Assessment Center was conducted across multiple levels to gauge potential for higher roles. The solution was aligned to the Mahindra First Choice Competencies. The assessment matrix included Pearson’s SOSIE Personality Assessment, Watson Glaser Critical thinking, ManageFirst Simulation and Behavioral Event Interviews (BEI).
  • Infosys BPM – Among multiple projects we partner on with Infosys BPM, this year, we also conducted an Assessment Centers for HR partners and other support employees across the organisation on futuristic competencies that are closely aligned with the business of the organisation. The tool mix included the Critical More highlights on the Development journeys soon!

More such highlights soon

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