“Ever wondered why women still struggle for the power they deserve in corporate spaces?”

We still live in a mixed era where men and women alike are blindsided by age-old barriers, biases & stereotypes. The challenges to women in leadership roles and the skills they need to build to overcome these are unique.

In recognition of the distinctive journey of a woman professional to leadership roles, Jombay runs a WOMEN LEADERSHIP PROGRAM for many organizations. It endows today’s women professionals with the requisite skills and insights to not only persevere but to excel, charting new frontiers in their careers. Here are some details of this program:

> Key Focus Areas Essential for Today’s Women Professionals
The team at Jombay has been researching “What makes women leaders successful” and has built the program curriculum to revolve around 5 mindsets crucial to ‘Leading like a Woman’: Protagonist Mindset, Warrior Mindset, Maverick Mindset, Campaigner Mindset & Enterprising Mindset. It amplifies the feminine attributes of leadership & lets participants leverage these inherent so-called “feminine traits” that allow women to be efficient, agile, creative, empathetic and effective leaders.

> A Development Journey with Comprehensive Components
Our program offers a dynamic learning experience through Master Classes, Bootcamps, Self-paced Digital Learning Modules, Group Coaching Sessions, and Continuous Engagement via Leadership Cafes, Hackathons, Reel Competitions, and more.

> Promoting Practical Application of Knowledge
We place a strong emphasis on integrating and applying acquired knowledge through a blend of engaging methods, including Action Learning Projects (ALPs), Live Practice Sessions, and more.
This approach has garnered positive feedback from our participants across organizations, who have found the content highly relevant and effective in their work environments.

If you too are looking for partners in running Women Leadership Programs (or any other Managerial Development Programs) feel free to reach out for a quick chat 🙂

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