Today’s managers need to be adept at guiding and developing team members into the best versions of themselves. The role of a manager goes beyond just “managing tasks”. The role of today’s manager includes cultivating teams, nurturing talent, and fostering growth. 

At Jombay, we understand the profound significance of this transformation. We run a very popular ‘Managerial Development Program for many of our clients.

This program empowers task-oriented managers to evolve into visionary leaders who nurture and develop their team. Here are some details:

> Key Themes relevant to what is critical for today’s managers
These include: Emotional Intelligence, Balancing Biases, Psychological Safety, Guided Autonomy, Impactful Communication, Coaching for Performance, Coaching for Development & Giving Constructive Feedback.

> Pre Program Assessments tailored to identify an individual’s propensity for bias and his/her leadership style. Findings are plugged into the development journey for relevant learning.

> Journey based Development Program with Master Classes, Self-paced Digital Learning, Group Coaching & Continuous Engagement.

> Emphasis on Intensive Skill Practice and best practice guides to enable transfer of learning.

> Post Program Assessments including an Assessor Led intervention to understand assimilation and application of learning.

We run this program for many of our customers (e.g. Odessa, Lubrizol, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Software One etc.) where participants found the content relevant, were impacted by the meaningful learning experience and the ability to apply it at work!

If you too are looking for partners in running Managerial Development Programs at your organization, feel free to reach out for a quick chat:)

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