Jombay’s Intrapreneurship Program fosters a culture of innovation and ownership within organizations. Recognizing the pivotal role of ownership in driving business success, our program empowers managers to operate with a high degree of autonomy and responsibility, akin to entrepreneurs.

We understand that true transformation is not limited to a few individuals at the top; rather, it thrives when each member is encouraged to own a part of the larger picture. By instilling the mindset of an owner in every individual, we bridge the gap that often exists between top-level strategy and execution.

Through this program, each manager becomes a catalyst for large-scale success, contributing to a thriving environment where innovation, creativity, and accountability converge! 

Inspired by theories of entrepreneurship and business acumen by eminent psychologists like David McClelland, Frederick Frese and Joseph Schumpeter, the program focuses on building VISION, INNOVATION & ACTION in the participants.

Participants undergo a series of immersive experiences – from Master Classes to a Digital Learning Journey, Group Coaching and action learning through Hackathons & Shark Tank experiences. (A platform for candidates to pitch compelling start-up ideas to the top leadership).

If our “Intrapreneurship Program” (or any of our Managerial Development Programs) interests you, do reach out for a quick chat 🙂

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