PhonePe is an Indian digital payments and financial technology company. To keep up with its phenomenal growth in the last 7 years, honing people-centric processes has been a top priority. Of acute importance has been training and succession planning for PhonePe’s sales leaders. PhonePe wanted a scientific way to assess and identify those Sales Managers and Senior Sales Managers who could be promoted to a newly created Sales-State Head role.

To inform these critical decisions for succession planning at PhonePe, Jombay deployed a Hybrid Assessment Center. A holistic picture of the leader was built by designing a multi-component assessment. We were able to do this effectively in the following ways:


PhonePe spent some time internally defining what competencies would matter most to a person occupying the State Head Sales role. Some of these included; Influencing and building consensus, Execution Rigor, Problem Solving and Managing ambiguity, Building Effective Teams, Customer Centricity, Organization Building. Jombay designed the Hybrid Assessment Center to be relevant to these specific competencies so that role fitment could be measured.


Keeping in mind the fully online nature of the Assessment Center, we deployed a mix of  behavioral assessments, business simulations and an assessor-led Behavioral Event Interview to ensure that the experience was scientifically valid, immersive and engaging!


Jombay provided an Individual report that supplied measurable feedback on individual leaders against the competencies considered critical for success. An Exercise Summary also provided aggregate level insights to aid in succession planning. Thrilled to receive an NPS of 9 – a strong indicator of the project’s relevance and success at PhonePe!

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