“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy.

Jombay worked with Adenza to accelerate learning and hence managerial & leadership capabilities through a high-octane development program!

Adenza is a leading software application provider used by financial companies, with offices in over 18 countries. Recently, along with an overhaul of processes, many people in the team have new & enlarged roles. Grooming this talent that ranged from First Time Managers to Senior Managers and were distributed across India & APAC/EMEA to be ready for their new roles became the topmost priority at Adenza. They wanted to develop these team members & instill a ‘people first strategy’.

Jombay deployed an immersive Managerial Development Program called EMERGE for Adenza’s India/APAC Cohort. Here are some details of this 4-month long immersive and high-octane program! 

1) Designing for Organizational Objectives – The program was built around competencies of Managing Self, Managing People & Managing Relationships to help the cohort develop a “People First Strategy” and align with the organizational objective. We also addressed how to be a culturally sensitive manager & instill collaborative culture across cross culture teams.

2) Catering to a distributed and diverse audience- We catered to a diverse audience across India & APAC/EMEA by using different modes of learning experiences from Hybrid, to In-Person Classes & Virtual Classes.

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