Dealing with perception gaps at work is an ongoing & challenging process. Yet it is the most useful form of feedback we can get from a range of peers, managers and juniors! Today, I thought I would share some of our interesting work in 360 degree feedback assessments. 

1) LEADING NBFC – Sales Leadership Development 

We conducted 180 & 270 Degree surveys & did report debriefs for Sales leaders, as part of their people leadership program. Our 360 degree assessment was used more like a self discovery tool or mirror that could help with growth. 

The aim was to identify development gaps and groom people for the next phase of the organization’s growth


We assessed perception gaps with our 90 Deg Feedback Perception Assessment to enable development of 296 senior talent leaders across various business divisions. A 90 degree Multi-rater feedback survey was customized to Pidilite’s Functional Leadership, People Leadership & Personal Leadership competencies. This exercise helped Pidilite to Identify focus areas for future developmental initiatives!

3) POPULAR FANTASY SPORTS PLATFORM – Organisation wide, Project based feedback for group leaders 

We work with Dream11 to understand the workplace perceptions for employees’ behaviors after every project across the organization and identify focus areas for future development initiatives. 

4) GLOBAL IT SOLUTIONS & SERVICES COMPANY Perception Measurement for leaders

At L&T Infotech, we assessed perception gaps to enable development of senior leaders. We created a “perception” assessment approach customized to client’s competency framework. 600 leaders were rated by 6000+ raters. We were able to save logistics effort and opportunity cost. Recommendations for individual and organization level developmental Initiatives were made so that L&T Infotech could use this information for development


We ran an organisation wide 180 degree Feedback Perception Assessment for people managers across India & abroad on Sapient values. Individual and Practice wise reports were provided to all managers

Some of the things we do Differently with our 360 degree Feedback Assessments:

  • Fast Configuration
  • Innovative Parallel and Serial Rating options to increase accuracy
  • Visual, easy to understand report that highlights perception gaps
  • Most user friendly tool in the industry
  • Individual & Group debriefing capabilities after report
  • Deep implementation support

From rolling these out for 50-1000-10000 people, we have implemented Jombay’s 360 degree feedback assessment at various different scales!

If you want to design a Multi Rater Feedback Assessment, to identify perception gaps within your workforce, and are looking for equal partners in the same, do reach out 🙂

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