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Skills Program

Presentation Skills

This program intends to help participants learn the skill of making an impactful presentation. It delivers and builds capabilities through a Virtual Masterclass, Self-paced Digital Learning, Case Studies, Scenario & Role Plays. It focuses on the basics of presentation skills, structuring, creating a checklist and delivering presentations. 

Journey Duration

4 Weeks/ 1 Month


  • Virtual Masterclass
  • Self-paced Digital Learning
  • Case Studies
  • Scenarios & Role Plays

Program Construct

Basics of Presentation Skills

  • Knowing the objective
  • To inform & stimulate
  • Knowing the subject
  • Understanding audiences
  • Being aware
  • Timing your presentation
  • Structuring your Presentation

  • Finding the key messages
  • Focusing on the org
  • Framing your story
  • Engaging the senses
  • Most important point
  • Presentation enhancers
  • Checklist for Presentations

  • What's the problem?
  • Why now?
  • How was it vetted?
  • Have you simplified?
  • Added a story?
  • A call to action?
  • Delivering Presentations

  • First 30 seconds count
  • Building your argument
  • Addressing audience’s struggle
  • Focus on core message
  • Persuasive call-to-action
  • What the Curriculum Covers

    This development program consists of a series of 2 masterclasses. Some of the topics include:


    Communication Skills – 1
    2.5  Hours


    Communication Skills – 2 
    2.5  Hours                                                                              

    Our approach

    Who this program is intended for

    Junior Managers

    Middle Managers

    Team Leaders

    Function Heads

    Project Leaders

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