‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ As a CEO, my responsibility is to be open, transparent and grounded!

Last week, I wrote this to my team as I requested for a leave 🙂

Hello Team,

I would like to request for a leave next week to be with our ‘ignored priority’ 🙂

As some of you know, last 2 years have been busy with Jombay’s growth and my elder son. The younger son (now 2), as my wife puts, has been an ‘ignored priority’ of our home.

So this seasonal holiday, I am spending the entire week with him and our broader family in Kerala. We hope to be around the herds of elephants in the Periyar National Park, do long walks in the coffee plantations, or watch cuckoos at the Kumarakom bird sanctuary. And on top of this, we will have our munchkins asking us to read books, sing songs, do some stupid dance moves, or carry them on our shoulders as we end our days!

No junk food, no flights to catch, and no emails to read.

I feel highly privileged to have this life, the opportunity to lead you, and this loving family who tolerates my passion for Jombay. Life has been kind and I would like to spend this time with my folks and welcome this year in God’s own country.

I hope you all will accept my leave application and I will see you the week after.

With loads of love! From my family to yours!