It’s 7.40am.
I am driving my wife and younger son to his daily physiotherapy sessions. It is a minor ailment but it consumes our morning. We cringe at his pain, we acknowledge it, but we ask him for courage and endurance.

We make sure he eats well before leaving and gets warm fomentation as soon as he is back. At the end of those 2 hours, we go about our completely ordinary days.

But during his physio sessions, in that room, there are many other mothers and kids, for whom things are not as simple. Their ailments consume not just their mornings, but their entire day and God forbid but probably even their whole lives. 

And you know what they want most? Just an ordinary day, when nothing unusual or scary happens. When there is no fire fighting to be done!

Ordinary is actually pretty great. Don’t you think? Just by looking around us, we will appreciate the ordinary that we take for granted 🙂 


On that note, wishing you a Merry Christmas.