“All these years, the Ivy league schools created artificial scarcity, boasting of rejecting over 95% students who applied to them. It’s almost like a housing shelter bragging that yesterday they turned down 95% of the needy who needed shelter. The higher education institutions are no longer in public service. The tuition fees for higher education have increased 1400% in the last 40 years and the quality of education remains largely the same. People have realized the value of skills vs. just the degrees. These universities, beyond a point, didn’t invest in educating the broader community. They are now forced to rethink”, wrote Prof. Galloway, a NYU professor.

This, to me, was one of the most fascinating reads in the last 100 days. And not just the universities, the wine and dine style of selling, the brick and mortar world of retail are being reimagined, and the transition from Work from Home to Work from Anywhere, is changing the world that we live in today. Covid-19 has been a wake-up call for people! Human behavior and habits have changed!

This will need the leadership playbooks to change. 
The success behaviors of our managers need to change. At Jombay, we had tasked our team to track these changes, and curate opinions and literature from some of the finest management brains in the world. From Nancy Koehn at Harvard, Michael Useem at Wharton, Navi Radjou at Cambridge, to Anil Menon at World Economic Forum and Ram Nidomolu at ISB, the team curated opinions, articles, blogs from more than such 200 bright minds across academia and the business world to identify 16 behaviors (such as Tenacity During Volatility, Virtual Empowerment, Decisional Agility, Emotional Regulation, etc.) that matter to a future manager.

We then synthesized these 16 behaviors under 6 competencies that we term as the ‘Future-ready Manager’ competency model 

  • Connected Leadership
  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Digital Dexterity
  • Frugal Mindset
  • Pragmatic Orientation
  • Resilience & Empathy

And we curated a 45 minute Future-ready Manager Assessment for organizations to assess and identify gaps on these competencies. This can also be followed by a 30-45 day digital development journey based on adult learning principles. You could download our point of view on the Future-ready Manager by clicking HERE


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