Last year while talking to the HR leadership at a leading premium hotel chain, I heard a legend that goes there –

“A guest left an Idol in the hotel room and went for his business meetings. He was thrilled to come back to the same Idol but decorated with rose petals. A passionate house-keeping staff delighted the customer with a very simple gesture.”

There are many such stories of ‘Passion, Sensitivity, Giving,’ the values that the Hotels stand for. They have ensured that these values are taken forward through the company culture and are not left as wall hangings. And it is no surprise that last week this company won the Gallup award for the Best Place to Work For.

My team at Jombay is proud to play a tiny role in this by helping them measure these 3 values through our Assessment platform. Inspired by their culture, I realized that values are not faff; they indeed drive culture. Six months ago, Jombay came up with our own set of values – Think (smart), Own (fully), Run (fast). For us, Values needed to be new age, pragmatic, and not just the moral science type such as integrity and loyalty. And beyond everything, Values should be measurable, as ‘What can’t be measured doesn’t matter!

Do you believe in a measurable culture based on Values? Let me know if you do, I can help you measure values in your company – for your existing and potential employees!

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