“Just an observation – I think you raise your voice when you get on the Zoom Call. It almost feels like you are conversing with the CAPS LOCK Mode ON. Do you think your team may feel that you are imposing things when you speak?”

“Oh do I?” Maybe I don’t realize my volume is going up because I have earphones plugged in. Or maybe I am too focused at looking at my own video on Zoom!?

That’s one of the biggest misses for many people on Zoom or any Video conferencing. We are so busy watching ourselves that we don’t watch the virtual signals we send and receive 🙂 

In a virtual workplace, the lack of cues and signals (like tone of voice) increase the likelihood of misunderstandings. It’s important to ensure that you are effectively delivering your message. Apart from observing your own voice and tone, these are 3 important things we advocate in our Manage(r) from Home programs – 

  • Fight the illusion of transparency & avoid amplification bias
    We often think that others are more in sync with what we’re thinking than they really are. We tend to communicate less information than we think we are. Visualize that individual in his or her home office as you send an email. That builds empathy. And don’t assume anything! As a witty man once said, “When you assume, you make an ‘ass’ of ‘u’ and ‘me’ together. 
  • Medium is partly the message
    The channel you use to communicate determines the impact of the information shared. In the rush of things don’t let the medium color your message. Should you type an email, text or an instant message? Or send a whatsapp voice message? Or is a video conference better for the intended communication? Or is it better to use a combination of multiple media to reinforce the message?
  • Master the Pause
    Body posture and your breathing affect your tone of voice on the Video Call. Practice speaking at a lower pitch – deeper voices convey more credibility. And master the pause! Pause for a moment when you want to emphasize a point and keep the listener engaged.

Our facilitators do some incredible work in helping Managers figure out a way to watch their own Virtual Signals and pick up Virtual Signals from others… 

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