With Jombay’s experiential simulations, participants step into the shoes of a manager and are given an opportunity to tackle key people, process and business problems. Designed to measure managerial and leadership potential, Jombay’s experiential simulations are interactive, intuitive and engaging while replicating the challenges of the job.


Jombay’s Inbasket Simulation is based on the popular In- Tray exercise conducted in an traditional assessment center. The Inbasket Simulation assesses aspects such as, planning and prioritization,  time management, delegation, responsiveness, customer service orientation, and leadership potential. In the Inbasket simulation, the participants are exposed to a set of emails and are expected to achieve business objectives by allocating funds, prioritizing and executing tasks within the allotted time. The participants assume the role of a manager in an organization where they have to deal with the tasks for a stipulated time period. Different versions of this simulation are available based on seniority and role.

  • Mode of Administration:  Online
  • Duration: 20 – 45 minutes


Jombay’s experiential Leadership simulation platform is a holistic and comprehensive leadership capability assessment that takes the assessment taker through a series of challenges that managers and leaders face on a daily basis. In this highly interactive and gamified platform, assessment takers experience a plethora of scenarios requiring them to take vital actions and make critical decisions.

Jombay’s leadership simulation platform draws on extant literature on radical candor, situational leadership, organizational citizenship, and conflict management. It is powered by content that is engaging, relevant, and interactive.

Mode of Administration: Online
Time – 30 – 45 minutes


Jombay’s Lead Lite simulation is based on the situational leadership theory by Hersey and Blanchard. It assesses aspects like adaptive leadership, decision making, resource management, coaching and mentoring, and conflict management.

In this experiential simulation, participants lead teams and are expected to maximize their productivity and team morale. They are expected to do this by effectively allocating projects, ensuring team development and resolving inter-team conflicts.

  • Mode of Administration:  Online
  • Duration: 32 minutes

We have 8 industry specific inbasket simulations across the Pharmaceutical, Automobile, BFSI, Software/Product, Hospitality, Retail, Services, BPO & FMCG industries.