One of the Big 4’s Human Capital practice runs Assessment & Development Centers for several of their clients on a very regular basis. Their consultants dedicate a massive manual effort to administer different assessment exercises involved in the center. 

The consultants have to go to separate assessment platforms (Hogan, SOSIE, Simulations, Case Study etc.) to send those links to participants, and then gather data inputs from these different assessments to write integrated reports. 

Instead of focussing on solving for their client consulting, assessment and insights, consultants ended up spending a huge chunk of time on these admin tasks.

With an increasing focus on providing a modern experience for the assessment taker, and on optimizing the time of assessors in doing admin/clerical tasks, this Big 4 partnered with Jombay to configure all their Assessment tools and different Assessment content (case studies, interviews, LDDI etc.) on Jombay’s Assessment Center technology platform. 

Read more to see how Jombay saved the Big 4 consulting firm hundreds of man hours of configuration, admin and assessor time here.

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