Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services in the world. They approached Jombay’s Assessment practice to be a part of an extensive managerial development program they wanted to run. Some of their priorities included;

1) Configure level specific Assessment content while keeping the CGI dream & core values constant. <Client Relationship & Business Development, Client Engagement & Service Delivery, Operations Management, Future Outlook, Business Instinct, Agile Learner, Network and Relationship Builder, Consultative Mindset, Coaching Talent.>

2) Provide a modern Assessment experience to assessment takers by delivering a single candidate dashboard for the multiple tools that were part of the pre-program assessments <Jombay’s 27 FORTE Personality Assessment, Abstract Thinking Assessment, Situational Judgement Test, and Leadership Challenges Series>

3) Ensure involvement of internal stakeholders in a multi rater exercise.

4) Pre-program & Post-program Assessments: Use individual and group level data to gain insights and direct further development.

5) Consistent and constant communication with all the participants and their managers. 

I proudly present an interview with Anil Santhapuri (Director of Learning & Development, APAC GDC – CGI). We asked him about the learning from this successful implementation.

Read the detailed interview here

This is a beautiful example of how technology and behavioral science came together to provide a standardized, scalable solution while retaining the human touch to the overall Assessment & Development process. Kudos to CGI HR leadership for this intervention!

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