One of the most common challenges in the Talent Management process across many organizations is being able to provide feedback to people who don’t clear the first screening in an assessment-development center. They are often left high and dry – getting disengaged & disinterested in their future in that organization. 

Pidilite, the market leader in adhesive, industrial and construction chemicals approached Jombay to address this problem among a few others.  Their brief was – 

1) Configure level and role specific Assessment content (functional & behavioral), while keeping the organization’s competency structure constant.

2) Provide a modern Assessment experience to all 500 people, with individual reports and development guidelines for all (regardless of their performance in the assessment process).

3) Ensure involvement of internal line managers (as Assessors) in an Assessment Center along with Jombay’s tools.

4) Use psychometric tools relevant to different experience levels (Pearson SOSIE etc.) but generate one consistent report format across all levels of the organization. 

5) Consistent and constant communication with all the participants and their managers.


Jombay’s assessment center platform was deployed to configure- 

1) 13 different assessment protocols to suit the assessment needs of different business units. 

2) An integrated report was provided to each candidate, to give them a cumulative score of all the interventions they underwent and to identify development areas.

3) Internal stakeholders as Assessors through interventions like a Manager Rating Exercise and a BEI using a panel of Pidilite Assessors.

4) First level screening was done via online tools, a functional assessment & managerial feedback, and a personality assessment –  Pearson’s SOSIE or Jombay Psychometric depending on the seniority of the audience. 

Second level screening was done basis Behavioral Event Interviews by internal assessors on Jombay’s Video Interview Platform (which significantly reduced their scoring and report writing effort) 

5) Automated communication, sensitization and reminder emails to the candidates which also kept managers looped into the process – hence reducing friction.


This is a beautiful example of how technology, behavioral science and human intervention has been used to provide a standardized, scalable solution while retaining the human touch to the overall Assessment & Development process. Kudos to Pidilite HR leadership for this intervention!

Do reach out if you would like us to power an Assessment & Development center relevant to your context!


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