“Should we order from Anna Idli tonight?”, my wife asked. Suddenly with the impending lockdown restrictions on so many businesses, the decision as trivial as ordering food had become layered with meaning. Ordering in from our favourite restaurant wasn’t just about a break from eating home made food. It was a way to support the service and staff of that restaurant.

While the hospitality and food industry may be hit hardest currently, next time it could be OUR business that could get affected the most or it could be just us as families or individuals who are on the receiving end of this tragedy! Who knows!

From ordering food from restaurants to helping neighbours (Covid+) with food, to ordering extra mangoes from vendors, to getting a friend his Covid test results in time so that he could get back to his ship (after 14 months of zero income, sitting at home as cruises didn’t operate), we have been trying to do our bit!

Because though the last year has been hard for all, it has been even harder for some. While some have been weathering the storm under a bunker, others haven’t even been able to shelter under an umbrella,

And the humanitarian crisis that has unfurled along with the pandemic’s 2nd wave is only becoming bigger and bigger. THIS is the time to help one another. Be kind! We will get through this, but only by being together!

“We are not all in the same boat; we are in the same storm.
Some have yachts. Some have canoes. And some are drowning.
Just be kind and help when you can” – Damian Barr

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