Managing remotely from home is different. And managing remotely in such an unprecedented crisis as COVID-19 is a different ball game altogether. A lot of conventional management lessons don’t apply anymore because the situation asks MORE of our leadership skills than ever before.

Our program “Manage(r) From Home” – managing & engaging teams in these unprecedented situations, enables leaders to lead in tough situations and get the best out of their teams as they navigate and innovate through a crisis.

And this is what your business teams, line managers and people managers need! 

The complexities of remote teams & uncertain times need the managers

To engage their team members in new ways along with helping them manage stress and anxiety

To over-communicate, with empathy and discretion, and over multiple virtual mediums

To apply modern techniques to enable teams to stay productive and perform to their best

What the Curriculum Covers

Masterclass – 1
“You can’t manage the winds, but you can adjust the sails”
Engagement & Stress Management

Masterclass – 2
“You can’t do big things if you are distracted by small things”
Productivity & Performance

Masterclass – 3
“Communication is the bridge between confusion & clarity”
Communication & Collaboration

Who this program is intended for

Managers who are required to lead teams remotely, in the light of impact caused by Covid – 19


Those who are seeking to keep their teams engaged and motivated in these unprecedented situations

Those who are seeking to enhance productivity and performance of their team members

We are aware that different learners have different preferences – so we have also converted our popular ‘Manage(r) from Home’ Masterclasses into bite sized digital learning modules.

This format brings the insights and takeaways from the program to you in a one of a kind format. The short and interesting nuggets can be applied easily and quickly in ones’ day to day. 

If you would like to offer this to your team members or to your broader team, we have this solution available for free for a limited time. Drop an email at or call us on +91 96733 10011 and we will help you with the details.

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