Peacetime and wartime require radically different management styles. When something like a Covid-19 pandemic strikes the economy, Managers need to be trained for a war-time environment.

A lot of conventional management lessons don’t apply.

The war-time situation brought by the Covid-19 & the economic downturn need the managers

To be resilient, develop a psychological stamina, and keep an eye on the burnouts

To be focused and pragmatic by rewiring and refreshing their perspectives

To be frugal, fast & agile

What the Curriculum Covers

Masterclass – 1
Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination”
Being Resilient & Being Human

Masterclass – 2
“Keeping an eye on the ball”
Being Focused & Being Pragmatic

Masterclass – 3
“Fast & frugal to beat the odds”
Being Agile & 
Being Frugal

Who this program is intended for

Managers who are required to be resilient and lead their teams with hope & empathy, in the light of impact caused by Covid– 19

Those who need to drive big picture focus and take pragmatic steps in these unprecedented situations

Those who are seeking to be agile and frugal to deal with this crisis situation

Simulation Based Development Offering
Get instant feedback as your managers play the simulation

(Time for simulation: 45 mins)

Micro-learning Based Development Journey
Includes 3 instructor-led virtual classes + 45 days of digital development journey

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