We look at your competency framework and recommend simulations, assessment tests, case studies to measure it.

Or if you already have your offline or in-person assessment center content, we help you take it all virtual.

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Once we configure the assessment center, you can send it out to the candidates. We can enable proctoring on the platform if you like.

If assessor-led tools are used, the assessors can directly key-in the observations in the Assessor dashboard (saving them from making extensive notes on paper).


The system generates one consolidated report for all the assessment tests put together. An automated report gets generated on standard or customized competencies. Feedback for the candidates is virtually delivered through a video-conferencing platform.

Additionally, consultant authored Group Feedback Reports are also available.

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We progress to do virtual one on one feedback session, group debriefs and IDP conversation sessions. The interventions to be deployed post assessment and development center are then defined on group development areas.

The development program includes virtual sessions, interspersed with self directed digital learning & peer learning. Manager feedback and tracking are key elements in closing the loop.

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