Our New Year’s resolution is the same as the one we made last year! To support your talent interventions with Modern Assessment & Development experiences 🙂

Before we begin making new promises, I thought I would share how Jombay fared in 2021…

  1. We assessed more than 150,000 managers and leaders – across geographies and experience levels.
  2. We deployed 370 unique Assessment & Development Centers for a range of talent interventions from high-potential identification and succession planning to managerial development. 
  3. Our NPS of 71.42 for Assessment & Development Centers remained above industry standards.
  4. 40,000 managers and leaders underwent our Development Programs, and gave us an industry high NPS of 73. 
  5. We did 865 Virtual Classes, which were appreciated for their powerful content, engaging formats and received an average feedback of 4.4/5.
  6. We ran 343 Development Journeys – with a lot of clients choosing our immensely popular Influencing (without Authority), Business Acumen & Conversations that Matter programs.
  7. Our sales team did not do a single F2F meeting but managed to take us higher than our pre-covid revenue numbers.
  8. We did 330% more meetings and acquired 250% more new clients than ever before.
  9. In addition to our work in the BFSI, IT/ITeS, Pharma and Manufacturing Industries, we added considerable clients from the Consumer First Industry (Retail, QSR, FMCG, Telecom, Electronics, Fashion)
  10. We launched a new website this week – www.jombay.com. We hope you will enjoy the experience!

See you next week as we return to our regular non-new year fare:) And let me know what you think of our new website!